Bridges School

Bridges School

"I always have too much fun everyday"


Two-Year Programs

Our goal is the establishment of trust and well-being within these, the youngest of Bridges children. Parents are encouraged to remain in the classroom until both parent and teacher agree that the child is feeling safe and ready to separate from the parent. Bridges supports a gradual, successful separation based on the individual needs of each child.

Three and Four-Year Programs

Programs are designed to help each child learn about himself and his environment through exploration. Teachers do not direct all the activities, but see themselves as facilitators. Learning to adjust to transitions, developing listening skills, and practicing social skills all take place as the children are encouraged to explore the environment and activities offered.

Extended Day Programs Available

Enrichment Programs

Music & Yoga



Reggio Emilia Summer Session in conjunction with the Bruce Museum - Three & Four-Year Programs

This program with three two-week sessions is designed for threes and fours. Program includes: Extended Art Activities, outdoor sculpture, water play, collage, woodworking, nature and outdoor activities.