Bridges School

Bridges School

"When I asked Alex what he liked about Bridges he replied, 'Everything'."



To provide the best educational experiences for each and every child, Bridges Parents Association serves the whole community to foster communication between school and parents, plan social and educational activities, coordinates annual events and fundraising efforts, sends liaisons to the Bridges Board of Trustees to promote the well being of the Bridges community.


We learn with the children; a reflective practice is central to learning and teaching at Bridges. Bridges teachers view parents as partners in the education process. Teachers accept that there is often more than one “right answer.” Bridges teachers work in teams. Besides working directly with children, gifted early childhood educators work together to focus on thorough communication with each family, innovative and stimulating program planning, and documentation of activities and events within the classroom.


Parents play a valued role in every aspect of our school community. The Bridges Parent Association (BPA) is an advisory group of parents to the Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees

Our mission is to help each child become an independent, resourceful learner, and to empower children to care for themselves, their community and our fragile environment.

Teacher Development

Bridges School is committed to exceptional early education. Bridges teachers attend conferences in the United States and Italy. Child Development conferences and workshops are scheduled regularly for parents and teachers.

Anti-Bias Education

We believe our classroom and community reflect a respect for human differences. We are committed to human rights and social justice.